Satellite Operations

beSpace manages operations of satellite missions in LEOP, commissioning and operations phase. The order of complexity can range from telemetry reception and distribution to complete management and operations of satellite missions. beSpace’s customers are national agencies and international space companies.

Our team can give you support in setting up ground stations, mission control centers and software for mission operations. You can consult us for preparations of your satellite operations and management. Our experts will help you on-site and can offer you training in Berlin.

Planning & Management

Our experts have conducted a series of space projects and have led successful satellite missions through all phases of the project lifecycle. We offer support in planning and managing your space project, respecting applicable standards like e.g. the ECSS standards.

Our team coordinates consortia consisting of companies, space agencies and academic institutions to prepare tenders for raising funds in support programs for space applications. Amongst others, beSpace manages activities that have a focus on developing novel technologies for sustainable utilization of space. With our large network of space agencies, global space companies, space SMEs and academic institutions, we have the right experts at hand for your needs.

Training & Education

beSpace offers a variety of training programs with topics in space technologies, space mission planning, space systems engineering and satellite operations. The focus lies on hands-on education. The programs are conducted in English and are visited by international academic staff, students and engineers from around the globe. The contents and duration of the on-site trainings and trainings in Berlin can be tailored to the needs of the customer.

beSpace is responsible for setting up and managing an academic space engineering program with a Master’s degree. The international two-year study program is visited by a number of highly motivated students with different backgrounds.